In 1994, our company Şeyma etiket, woven labels began its activities.  High-performance machines and highly qualified team to work through with our principles, our company has become the highest quality production company.

 Carton labels at the same time valuable to us towards our customers in 1997 due to the printing press, we have installed.  Companies' need for weaving labels and carton labels need to be done all the printing needs of companies in the U.S. have begun to produce.

2 Production in 2000 in Bursa, cardboard bag is not enough work quickly progress we've seen. Monthly capacity to spread across all of Turkey, to have removed 100,000 copies.

 Latest systems and machines with enough offset the higher production capacity reached in Bursa.  Requests and needs of our customers in line with the target to increase this production capacity is 3 times more.

Cardboard bag;  Vertical and horizontal board bag many varieties of sizes and patterns to companies without charge reflected Gömlekçi, shoe, clothing, courses, schools, private schools, driver education courses and institutions, jeweler, optician, watchmaker and cosmetic products, selling to companies, Fair participating companies and the needs of quantity restrictions to be to meet. Cardboard American bristol board in bag, kraft recycled cardboard, glossy cardboard, is made using cardboard to chromium. S We want in the glossy surface coating like Selefon as dull as selefon is optional to our customers.  . In case the ideal   cardboard carton.  And both the surface hardness of the white because the terms suggest a kind of cardboard is a. The low cost cheap and are made of cardboard in the cardboard carton case of chromium white printing surface, the inner part of the reduced cost to the gray is. Her paper on the desired pressure is applied at all cardboard printing gives excellent results. Helogram gilding and color printing is done on metallized lacquer or GOFRE uvi (relief) application, if a product is unique in terms of appearance. Selefon also metilze or colored foil gilded plated products and multi-colored print (CMYK) printing provides a separate beauty and weather.  Dimensions are in line with customer's request. Cardboard bag to the size, shape, and use according to the weight of the cardboard cartons feature is determined.
Cardboard box; Pastry boxes of all kinds, kebabs and lahmacun boxes, all the drinks and food boxes, automotive and industrial boxes, computer boxes, supplies, and also must plaster corrugated boxes By doing all the companies that provide services to all throughout Turkey.
 Baklava and food boxes of various sizes with different looks so different and special designs are made. In line with the desired outer coating glossy, matte or selefonsuz will do.  Inside the metallized coating, pearl or selefon made to produce any quality. Cardboard boxes can be made here, such as size, color printing can be done here. Age cake boxes of different sizes with different looks like, with different colors and patterns yalır pressure. Selefonlu and selefonsuz, matte or glossy as the production quality is desired. Cardboard boxes and bags like the kind desired by the kind of cardboard cartons and all types of weight by using cardboard to the company with the production of special edition set.













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